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Wiggles' franchises are the Wiggles' approach to expanding their brand in non-Australian/United States Markets. Paul Field, the Wiggles general manager, says that the success of the Wiggles internationally was because they had no formal export plan. Franchising their name, song, and skits to local performers has been the their model for international growth.

As part of their expansion plan, the group is more concerned with possible member's ability to relate with children than with creating a mirror of the originals. This has resulted in groups with women and teenagers. The Wiggles have contracted with Disney to help manage their international expansion.

Murray Cook, the Red Wiggle, said, "It is really surreal, but exciting for us to know it translates into other cultures, and other languages." Greg Page, the original Yellow Wiggle, said that he got really emotional the first time he saw an international group performing their songs/acts in a local language. "Wow, I'm part of something which is being adopted and adapted in another part of the world.".

Wiggles Taiwan

The first international group licensed by the Wiggles was a group in Taiwan. This group includes Anni Hsu (red), Carlos Chang (yellow), Danny Shao (purple) and Arthur Chen (blue). Anni is the first female lead for the Wiggles. "When we first saw them dressed in all the clothes and stuff, it did feel a bit weird," said Greg Page. "Especially because [in the new group] I'm a girl, and she's about half my height! But I think it's great." Cultural tensions between Taiwan and Mainland China have prevented this group from performing on the mainland leading the Wiggles to desire another team on the mainland.

Wiggles Latin America

The second international group was licensed to operate in Latin America. The group includes Francisco Madrid (red), Fernando Moguel (yellow), Zoe Velez (blue), and Katty Villafuerte (purple). The Latin America group compromises 2 women and a fifteen year old boy. Members of the Wiggles Latin America come from Chilemarker, Venezuelamarker, and Mexicomarker.

Wiggles India

In December 2006, it was announced that the Wiggles would create a Tamil singing quartet modeled after themselves. Negotiations are underway with a Chennai television station and Wiggles' operations manager, Paul Field, indicated the group is excited about the opportunity to enter Kollywood. The Wiggles are also hoping to establish a Hindi version in India.

Wiggles around the world

For years the Wiggles have wanted to start a group in Japan, but these endeavors have not born fruit. The group is also interested in establishing franchises in Germany and Italy. The group would also like to start a franchise in England. While the initial objective may have been to establish groups in non-English speaking countries, the Wiggles are too busy touring the U.S. and Australia to develop their presence in England.


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