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A great many people have contributed photographs to Wikipedia. Many of those photographs were found on the Net; others were created by the Wikipedian. To appear on this list you must be a who has contributed your own work to the project.

Please include a link to your and also to a Wiki gallery of your work, if you maintain one. You may also want to add yourself to .

If you would be happy to respond to for photographs, please add your location and details of the type of photographs you can contribute. If you have specific skills or technical equipment that enables you to take difficult or technical pictures, please specify as that helps users to direct requests to the appropriate place.

Add yourself in alphabetical order and please keep any comments very short.

Wikipedian Gallery Location Requests accepted Interests/other requests accepted
Aachenmarker, Germanymarker most photos are from trips to Thailand
Southamptonmarker, Hampshire, UKmarker
Miamimarker, Floridamarker, USAmarker South Florida
list @ user page Southern Californiamarker
North America
Northern California Long time photographer still amature. Requests taken.
not yet Ketteringmarker,Northamptonshiremarker, UK
Stockholmmarker, Swedenmarker
Commons Berlinmarker
external Indiamarker North America Amateur Photography (wildlife, Architecture, nature, nightlife), happy to take requests
Aucklandmarker, New Zealandmarker Retouching, panorama stitching
Montreal, Canadamarker I take photos from any subjects. I also do Retouching, panorama stitching.
Bristol, Englandmarker
yes Boston, Massachusettsmarker
yes Newcastle upon Tyne, Englandmarker I take requests, but bear in mind Newcastle is not a wealth of photography opportunities.
Washington, DCmarker Happy to take requests
Commons Cardiffmarker, New South Walesmarker, Australia Mostly cars, car components and roads but can do other things.
Atlanta, Georgiamarker Architecture, sports, travel; happy to consider requests.
external Tokyomarker, Kanagawamarker, Japanmarker happy to take requests
yes Belizemarker I'll take pics of anything in Belize long as it's legal!
yes Stockholmmarker, Swedenmarker
not yet Warsawmarker, Polandmarker
Vancouvermarker, Canadamarker
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvaniamarker
Some on User pages Grendon Near Northamptonmarker
Southern California Mostly LDS Temple architecture, but any interesting building will do. Also a frequent guest of Disneylandmarker.
Portland, Oregonmarker
Sydneymarker, Australia Primarily sport but happy to take requests for anything else
Commons Londonmarker, Englandmarker Amateur photography, happy to take requests.
Commons Inland Northwest, USA
hmmm, maybe? New Mexicomarker architecture & sculpture
Londonmarker. Please let me know of any requests for Londonmarker images.
Lancashiremarker Landscapes, Mountains, Local buildings
Shropshiremarker, Englandmarker, UKmarker
Stuttgartmarker, Germanymarker / Europe
Sydney, Australiamarker. Travels around the world.
ComputerHotline yes Belfort, Franche-Comté, France Macrophotographs / Astrophotographs, abandonned location (ruins,...), landscape.
Middle East
not yet Northern New Jerseymarker, and Galiciamarker request something if necessary.
Summit County, Ohiomarker and Portage County, Ohiomarker
Commons Czeski Cieszynmarker, Czech Republicmarker
United Kingdommarker mostly nature and UK countryside
external Rochester, Minnesotamarker and Minneapolis, Minnesotamarker (home and college)
Australia, in a few weeks, Italymarker.
Austin, Texasmarker Reptiles & Amphibians
External Los Angelesmarker / Global
Stellenboschmarker, Cape Townmarker, South Africa anything I feel like...
coming soon Beijing
United States
no Boston, USA anything in this area; i also have a lot of photos from various travel i would be willing to share
United Kingdommarker: Cambridgemarker
Sydneymarker, Australia
Madison, WImarker misc
Fort Lauderdalemarker/Gainesvillemarker, Floridamarker Happy to take requests, mostly available in Gainesville and South Florida, but able to travel somewhat
Commons Grazmarker, Austriamarker, library and local objects
; also External Gallery Dallas, TXmarker Any requests from site or other just ask.
Albertamarker nature, graffiti, miscellania
not yet Dhahranmarker and Austinmarker.
no Londonmarker, Englandmarker
Commons Floridamarker, primarily north and central Mostly NRHPs and state parks, but can take photos of other stuff whilst in the area.
under construction Yes In and around Ottawamarker or Waterloomarker, Ontario (Canada). People places events or paperclips, whatever is necessary :)
; Californiamarker--Mostly in the south San Francisco Bay area but sometimes in other parts of the state. dogs, plants, random
Sydneymarker, Australia
no Westchestermarker, Californiamarker
Cannesmarker, Francemarker
Commons and Hompage Parismarker & Francemarker, FR
External Melbournemarker, Australia (and surrounds) Railways
Christchurch, New Zealandmarker and Invercargll, New Zealandmarker
Yes Nashville, Tennesseemarker Not too much right now, but I've got a list of places to snap once I have some spare time.
no Washington, DCmarker
On Commons Viennamarker and some other parts of Austriamarker Hobby photographer, all topics and subjects
Seattlemarker, Washingtonmarker Landscapes, Cityscapes
no See: Gallium
no Aberystwythmarker, Walesmarker Also Europe, see my for link to gallery.
yes Groningen, The Netherlandsmarker
Rugbymarker, Warwickshiremarker, English Midlandsmarker
Torinomarker, Piemonte, Italymarker
I find pictures of Dwight D. Eisenhower.
not yet Rutland County, Vermontmarker
Oslomarker, Norwaymarker Have camera, will travel.
Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japanmarker
Commons Perth, Western Australiamarker.
Perth, Western Australiamarker and Christchurch, New Zealandmarker
River Valley, Arkansasmarker If you need something, just ask
Commons, Flickr Bristolmarker, UKmarker
Calgarymarker Public figures, locations in the Calgary area, activism, protests
Eastern Connecticutmarker various and sundry objects
no Coloradomarker
no Provence, Varmarker, Francemarker
Calgary, Albertamarker, Canadamarker whatever I feel like :)
no See: Sand sculpture
no Las Vegas, Nevadamarker, USAmarker
no Frisia, Kimswerdmarker, the Netherlandsmarker has ounce taken a picture of a historical person, in 1967. It was the than retired former rebel Supriata, in Indonesia.
yes Warsawmarker, Polandmarker
Victoria, British Columbiamarker,Canada
Champaign, Illinoismarker see also my external gallery; happy to contribute these where appropriate, !
Documenting small towns in Indianamarker.
Kansas City Metropolitan Areamarker, Kansasmarker/Missourimarker, USmarker
yes Greater Cleveland, Ohiomarker, United Statesmarker
Helsinki, Finlandmarker nature, sky, miscellaneous
Southern California Aerial Views, Aircraft, Architecture, Lovely French Actresses, Mexicomarker. You name it.
at user page sometimes in Southern California, Highlands of Chiapasmarker, Mexico; currently in Cambridge, Massachusettsmarker
Helsinkimarker and Hankomarker, Finlandmarker
external external California, USAmarker Professional photographer available for requests.
external Dublinmarker, Irelandmarker Amateur Photography, happy to take requests
External Melbournemarker, Australia Anything, really. Requests welcome.
Commons Parismarker, Francemarker Museum exhibits (Louvremarker, Petit Palaismarker, Musée de Clunymarker, etc.), some press pictures. Available for requests.
UKmarker: Londonmarker, Cammarker, Leammarker primarily buildings
Herndon, Virginiamarker (Washington, DCmarker area)
Jersey, Channel Islandsmarker Landscapes, Weddings (informal), Children. Available for requests
Commons Chicagomarker
South-east Australia
Commons Londonmarker (esp. Docklands), United Kingdommarker. Dorsetmarker/Somersetmarker and area, United Kingdommarker (may take longer).
Stockholmmarker, Swedenmarker
Seattle, Washingtonmarker
On Ottawa, Ontario, Canada People, Events, Architecture, misc.
Canadamarker Coins ,stamps , etc.
External Midcoast Mainemarker
external Southern Germany Mostly aircraft photos
pl:Kpjas yes Polish Wikipedian
Sydneymarker, Australia Anything within the Sydney CBD
Thailandmarker, UKmarker, Norwaymarker
Commons, external Chicagomarker, Illinoismarker
Commons Lenoir, NC, USAmarker Happy to take requests for wildlife, landscapes, or locations in western North Carolinamarker or the southern Appalachiansmarker.
Atlantic Citymarker USAmarker Flensburgmarker Germanymarker Copenhagenmarker Danmarkmarker
Atlantic Citymarker USAmarker Flensburgmarker Germanymarker Science photography featured: icefish - compound eye
not yet Victoria, British Columbiamarker, Vancouver Islandmarker Filling in pics, any requests...
Various photographs from the Central Coast of California and a wide variety of power plants in Californiamarker and southeastern Nevadamarker, will consider requests
No Kulim, Kedahmarker I'll shoot everything I can get my lens on, but I don't travel often.
Ohiomarker Amateur photography with a focus on architecture, landmarks, landscapes, and nature.
Nope Cape Cod I'll try to take what is requested
Commons San Fernando Valleymarker, Californiamarker
Idaho Falls, Idahomarker Whatever I can contribute, railroads mostly.
Some on my San Francisco Bay Areamarker, Contra Costa County
Pittsburghmarker, Pennsylvaniamarker, USAmarker, mostly, and some around the region too (Western Pennsylvania, Ohiomarker, and West Virginiamarker). I take pictures of musical performances and performers, art displays, nature scenes, town locations, monuments, as well as historic sites and buildings.
not yet Washington DCmarker Amateur photographer, open to requests in DC.
Dorsetmarker, Londonmarker
Marylandmarker and Delawaremarker (USAmarker), although most of my contributions were taken in Japanmarker.
In Commons - [22443] Brasíliamarker, Brazilmarker Mainly urban buildings, but I'm open. May attempt a macro sometime. Short videos are also a possibility.
external Dorset, England Amateur photographer / field mycologist / aka Zonda Grattus
See user page Fremont, CAmarker, USAmarker Weddings,portraits, panoramas, retouching
On Photosig Washington, DCmarker, USAmarker
On and on Commons I am from Randersmarker, Denmarkmarker My newest contributions are found on my Commons gallery - e.g. my featured pics. Requests are welcome.
not yet I'm in Portland, Oregonmarker would be happy to take any pictures you need.
Bresciamarker, Italymarker
not yet Louisville, Kentuckymarker
Yes Montreal, Canadamarker I shoot feature and news events.
external, list on Minneapolismarker, Minnesotamarker
no UKmarker
no Hampshire, UKmarker Amateur, will take any requests in south Hampshire.
ancient coins
Karatsu, Japanmarker
yes & External Hollywoodmarker, Los Angelesmarker, Californiamarker Happy to take requests - architecture, nature, landscape, QTVR, panoramas, macro. Also PP/retouching.
Commons Somersetmarker, Bathmarker, and West Hertfordshiremarker, UKmarker I'm happy to accept requests for images. Macro/closeup shots are of particular interest.
Commons, Barcelonamarker, Spainmarker Wines, vines, architecture, travel, people and miscallaneous Spanish things. Ask me for image enhancement, shot requests, photo advice.
Cardiffmarker, UK
Northeastern U.S.marker
Aberdeenmarker and often Isle of Lewismarker, Scotland
Baltimoremarker,Marylandmarker, yes
Fort Meademarker,Marylandmarker, yes
Wyomissingmarker/Philadelphiamarker, Pennsylvaniamarker requests are welcome.
no Hilvarenbeekmarker,Netherlandsmarker
Northeastern Adirondacks (Saranac Lake, New Yorkmarker), Florida State Parks Mostly nature and state parks, lakes & hiking trails. Requests welcome.
Based in Londonmarker compulsive traveller
yes Vancouvermarker BC, Canadamarker Anything you need, just ask!
Lancastermarker, New Hampshiremarker I'm up for almost any photo's.
Atwater, and San Diego, CA have pictures from all over the United States and several countries through extensive travel
Liverpoolmarker, England Amateur photographs
external San Francisco, CA, US travel a lot
South Florida
not yet UK
not yet Ho Chi Minh citymarker, Viet Nammarker Landscape, macro, architecture
Washington, DCmarker, Syracuse, NYmarker I travel a lot, I've been to over 20 countries, and I have a lot of pictures that I would still like to add from my journeys.
Central Texas, USAmarker
[Commons:Category:Files by User:Nyttend|Commons] USAmarker: Belle Center, Ohiomarker in the summer, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvaniamarker during the schoolyear
external San Franciscomarker, USAmarker mostly music, musicians.
PANICAVOID external Lempautmarker, Francemarker mostly landscapes,flowers,gardens.
Novi Sadmarker and neighbouring places (Serbiamarker)
Wellingtonmarker, New Zealandmarker, Astronomy/Atmospheric Images, official home page
Torontomarker, Canada
no Saint-Petersburg, Russiamarker
Oregonmarker BFA graphic design—a visual jack of all trades. Requests welcome.
Manchestermarker Television cameraman and part-time photographer. Requests welcome.
no Londonmarker All sorts really, anything in and around London. Have a large collection of photos so may not even have to leave the house!
Halifaxmarker, Canadamarker
Nova Scotiamarker, Canadamarker Mostly flowers, some domestic animals. Requests for photos of annual plants welcome
No nr Manchester, UK Travel shots UK & Europe, requests welcome.
external Blacksburg and Richmond, Virginia
, Loganville, Georgiamarker, seven Featured Pictures. [22444]. Will take requests for anything in the Atlanta area.
external Africa, USA, Far East, Europe Wildlife, birds, food, travel, people
Londonmarker, United Kingdom
Tokyo, Japanmarker. Japanese festivals, sumo, travel
Eastern USAmarker Nature, history, geography
Commons from Ottawamarker, Ontariomarker, Canadamarker, but photos from everywhere
Commons New York Citymarker
No Mexicomarker, almost any part Please request photos!
Texasmarker. Southwest US - anywhere in the world travel - I travel a lot.
Virginiamarker, DC, Marylandmarker (but not very often) Request away!
North-Western Delawaremarker
External South-East Connecticut Anything Bicycle related would be easy for me to get
category Pennsylvaniamarker, New Jerseymarker, and Delawaremarker Nature (Plants, Animals, etc.), Landscapes, Places
Berlinmarker, Germanymarker travelling
Mostly Vermontmarker common objects
Eugene Oregonmarker plants,animals, objects,medical and tattoo-related
Ohiomarker, USA
yes midwestern USA
Capital Region and Central Connecticutmarker, USA Anything
Bendigo, Victoriamarker, Australia
Citizen of the World, USA
Somersetmarker & Bristolmarker UK buildings & Industrial Heritage & similar
Northen Ireland, UK Birds, Farmyard animals,Cars, basically anything!
central Indiana, US Buildings, scenic, military, and just about anything else
External Jackson, Mississippimarker
not yet Central Coast, Californiamarker Sunsets, nature, Gold Rush, Beaches, Requests in California just ask!
- flickr Beaumont, Texasmarker
yes-[22445] Birminghammarker, UKmarker Birmingham and surrounding areas ask and i'll see what i can do!
Here are some Bernemarker (Switzerlandmarker) and environs
UK varied subjects
, Commons Finlandmarker, mainly Turkumarker and Ostrobothniamarker.
yes Anywhere in Chinamarker Professional documentary photographer happy to take requests.
Versailles, France.
yes Annecymarker, Haute-Savoiemarker, Francemarker
Israelmarker Flickr Moses Lake, Washingtonmarker Seattle, Washingtonmarker Macro Photography, landscapes, studio/portrait and event photograph
Mostly images of technology
Conyersmarker, Georgiamarker, Carlsbad,_Californiamarker, and Birmingham,_Alabamamarker USAmarker Local sites of interest, historical sites
Commons Luleåmarker, Swedenmarker
Commons Albuquerque, New Mexicomarker, USAmarker Amateur
Madison, WImarker mostly rail transport subjects
Brisbane, Australiamarker Anything "general".
Londonmarker Prehistoric Sites, Travel, Occult and Paranormal related.
Boston, Massachusettsmarker. Also American Southwest (just ask, I may have it.) I'm not a professional photographer.
yes Australia
Central Floridamarker, USA
Pennsylvaniamarker, USAmarker, with pictures from travels as often as possible.
southern Nevadamarker, Mojave Desert, southeastern Californiamarker ships, plants, travels, stamps, misc
Sonoma County, Californiamarker
Londonmarker, Englandmarker
No worthwhile one Dublinmarker, Irelandmarker Accepted; I travel around Ireland from time to time so can accept other locations there
Melbournemarker, Australia,
Commons External Inland Empiremarker Amateur. Plants, geography, buildings and landmarks of the Inland Empire area.
Australia mostly birds and wildlife
Commons Londonmarker, mostly pix of London so far.
Sicily, Italy, European Theatre VERY Soon Statues, Vineyards, Ancient Artifacts, People, Nature, & more.
All in the USA: Washington D.C.marker, Marylandmarker, Pennsylvaniamarker, and New Jerseymarker; though my images are from all over the place.
Calgarymarker, Albertamarker, Canadamarker
yes Bangaloremarker and Keralamarker, Indiamarker
Fort Lauderdale/Miami , Floridamarker, USAmarker 1000s photos of S. Florida/Bahamas/Panama Canal...taken over past 30 years...ships/boats/historic/wildlife/landscape/etc. Will photograph anything.
external (in progress) Somersetmarker, UKmarker. Travel all over UK Historical buildings/landscapes/re-enactment, transport (rail, road).
Ajax, Ontariomarker Canadamarker Whatever I can contribute.
Commons Greater Boston, Massachusettsmarker (Cambridge, Boston and Metro Northwest)
commons Cologne, Germanymarker
external Austin, Texasmarker, United Statesmarker. Frequently visit Bryan, Texasmarker/College Station, Texasmarker.
Photography requests for NZ (Mainly Auckland): Aucklandmarker, New Zealandmarker; Please place your requests on my talk page.
no Irelandmarker. Living in Limerickmarker but from Wexfordmarker Amateur.
yes Camas, WAmarker
yes Albany, New Yorkmarker
external Oslo, Norwaymarker, but traveling the World in general.
Nope Melbournemarker, Australia
commons Buffalo, New Yorkmarker
Home in Seattle, Washingtonmarker, college in Oberlin, Ohio, summer in San Juan Islandsmarker, property on Whidbey Islandmarker
No Home in Williamston, MI; Lansing area. Can do copy, macro, infrared, high dynamic range (HDR), panorama, time exposure plus the usual portraiture and scenics. Will take requests.
commons, flickr Zaragozamarker, Aragonmarker, Spainmarker
commons, [22446] USAmarker, Asia, NorwayProfessionalmarker Getty Images
United Statesmarker
Jakartamarker, Indonesiamarker
Not yet Nottinghammarker, UKmarker
flickr Derbymarker/Manchestermarker, UKmarker Primarily documentary/candid style, will happily take requests. Travels frequently around the UK.
Commons Cardiffmarker & Bristolmarker, UK
Suburban Ontariomarker, Canadamarker
Sandy, Utah - a Salt Lake Citymarker suburb
external Herndon, VAmarker near Washington, DCmarker. Some travel in and around the USAmarker and Europe. Will contribute stock, portrait, travel, or other images as requested, including anything from my web site, blog, or royalty-free image collection
external cammarker,Cambridge Universitymarker An Amateur Photographer.
Commons Tennesseemarker, United Statesmarker Willing to contribute photos of Southeastern U.S.
external Kuwait Citymarker, Kuwaitmarker Night photography, City, Architecture, Portrait; Can contribute with photos of Kuwait.

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