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Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie is a 2009 American film adaptation of Americamarker fantasy/teen sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place. The movie premiered on August 28, 2009 on the Disney Channel. Production for the movie and filming began on February 15, 2009 in San Juan, Puerto Ricomarker. The movie's premiere was watched by 11.4 million viewers, making it Disney Channel's second most-viewed movie premiere after High School Musical 2.


The Russo family except Alex (Selena Gomez), who is staying with her best friend Harper Finkle (Jennifer Stone), are preparing for a vacation to the Caribbeanmarker. Alex decides to sneak a peek at Justin (David Henrie)'s personal belongings when his enchanted backpack attacks Alex trapping her as Justin had planned. When her father, Jerry (David DeLuise) comes down to help he accidentally speaks of the forbidden book of spells and how he let Justin borrow it. Alex wants to go to a party with Harper but her mother, Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera) tells her she can not go to the party because she was untrustworthy even with Harper around. After her parents go out, and her brothers are not in sight, Alex puts a spell on the sub-station with the help of the family wand and forbidden book of spells to become a train so that she and Harper can go to the party (since her parents told her she wasn't allowed to leave the building), but Alex and Harper miss the party after almost getting killed by a real subway train, only to be saved by Justin, using the full-wizard wand to do so. Unfortunately, the frame of the substation falls off, just as their parents come back. Because of this, Alex is forced to go on vacation with the rest of the family to the Caribbean, having to leave their wands at home. Along the way they meet a street magician and former wizard (Steve Valentine) (who lost the full-wizard contest to his older brother) named Archie who wants to turn his girlfriend, Giselle, from a parrot back into a human by finding the Stone of Dreams, which has the power to grant any wish or reverse any spell. Jerry considers it crazy since many wizards have gone on the quest and never returned.

Later, after Alex was about to use a spell on her mother to convince her to let Alex hang out with a boy, she gets caught, grounded and forbidden to use magic. In anger, Alex wishes that her parents had never met and her wish comes true while holding the smuggled full-wizard wand and spell book. As a result, Jerry and Theresa do not remember Justin, Alex and Max (Jake T. Austin) or each other.

Alex, Max and Justin attempt to get a spellbook from Jerry by levitating it out of his pocket, but he catches it. Jerry is shown to still have his powers, since he never gave them up to marry Theresa. Jerry has a more carefree attitude with magic due to this change. Justin asks him "hypothetically" what would happen if a wizard wished that her parents never met. Jerry explains how they would gradually forget their past, and then disappear forever. He says it would take a miracle to fix it, whereupon Justin mentions the Stone of Dreams (La Piedra de Sueños), which Jerry says would work too.

After consulting Jerry, Justin and Alex set off to find the Stone of Dreams, guided by Archie. Meanwhile, Max stays at the resort to keep his parents from meeting other people. Over the course of the day, Max visibly begins losing his memory.

Realizing the possibility of not existing if Alex and Justin don't find the stone, the two apologize to one another for all the trouble they caused one another. Along the way, Justin and Alex face many obstacles such as getting across a wide canyon, escaping death from quicksand, and getting across a narrow ledge. Jerry and Max start to go to help them but are stopped by Theresa who wishes to join them, much to the chagrin of Jerry. They set off to help and arrive moments after Alex and Justin.

Eventually, Alex and Justin succeed in finding the Stone of Dreams, but Giselle steals the stone. The kids tell Theresa and Jerry their story. Theresa doesn't believe them because she thinks she would never forget her own children. While trying to figure out how to reverse the spell without the stone of dreams, Jerry mentions that if one of the kids was a full wizard, they might be able to cast a spell to reverse it. While preparing to begin the full-wizard contest, Max finally loses all memory of who he is and gets sucked into the vortex of non-existence. Theresa remembers him slightly and runs away from confusion and fear. Realizing they must work quickly, Alex and Justin are transported to an ancient battlefield, where the contest will be held. Jerry explains that they will only be allowed to use spells involving the four elements (earth, fire, air, and water). The winner will become a full wizard, and the loser gets nothing. Alex and Justin engage in what turns out to be an intense battle, and Alex narrowly wins.

In trying to come up with a spell to fix everything, she turns to Justin for help. However, Justin has lost all his memory (despite the fact that he is older than Alex, but since she is now a full wizard, the spell no longer affects her). Alex pleads with him not to leave, tearfully, telling him that he is her big brother. Justin believes her, and wants to help, but he cannot and is sucked into the same vortex that Max was. Alex tries to cast a reversal spell, but Jerry tells her it may be too late.

Meanwhile Theresa is back at the resort, and seeing that Giselle has returned to human form, with the Stone of Dreams hanging by her neck, tries to get it from her. Archie manages to get the stone from Giselle, who wished to leave him now that she was in human form. He turns her back into a parrot and gives the stone to Theresa. Theresa then wishes to be where Alex, Justin and Jerry are, giving Alex the stone. Jerry tells Alex she can wish for her brothers to reappear and still keep her full wizard powers. Instead she wishes that everything would become the same as it had been…and it does. She and her brothers all remember what happened, but their parents don't. Everyone regardless becomes closer from the events that had occurred, as the kids remember what they went through, and as their parents notice a change in attitude. They happily walk off together and the end credits roll.



Selena Gomez recorded a "Magic" cover for the movie that is featured on the soundtrack for the movie and television show. A sneak peek of the film aired during the conclusion of the four-part "Wizards vs. Vampires" event on Disney Channel on August 8, 2009 and on Family Channel during the week of August 24, 2009. The What's What Edition of the movie premiered on October 24, 2009 on Disney Channel.

What's What Edition

A what's what edition of the movie October 24, 2009 on Disney, part of a Wizards of Waverly Place marathon.


The movie garnered 11.4 million viewers on its premiere night, making it Disney Channel's second most-viewed movie premiere after High School Musical 2 but also the channel's second most-viewed program ever. The film is also currently cable's most-watched TV movie in 2009. The movie was well received by public, receiving an IMDb rating of 7,2. It was one of few Disney Channel Original Movie to achieve this rating. On its second night, the movie's second showing received 5.8 million viewers. The next day, the movie's third showing got 4.3 million viewers, and its fourth showing received 4.7 million viewersWhen the movie premiered in the UK, as part of Wiz-tober, the film received 1.04 million viewers, which made it the 7th most watched program on multi-channel viewing for that week, and the second highest views watched on Disney Channel UK.


Country / Region Network(s) Premiere Movie Title in Country
United Statesmarker

(including Puerto Rico)
Disney Channel August 28, 2009 Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie
Canadamarker Family
New Zealandmarker Disney Channel September 19, 2009
Channel 7
November 28, 2009 Indiamarker Disney Channel India September 27, 2009 (as a part of Wiz-tember 2009)
UKmarker Disney Channel October 23, 2009 (as a part of Wiz-tober 2009)
South Africa Disney Channel South Africa October 31, 2009 (as part of Wiz-tober 2009)
Middle East Disney Channel Middle East October 30 , 2009 (as part of Wiz-tober 2009) [[MBC 3) [[November 28 , 2009
Bruneimarker Disney Channel Asia November 22, 2009 (as a part of So Syok Holiday)
Hong Kongmarker
South Koreamarker
Vietnammarker Bộ phim: Những phù thủy xứ Waverly
Turkeymarker Disney Channel Turkey October 31, 2009 (as a part of Büyülü Ekim (Wiz-tober) 2009)
Latin America Disney Channel Latin America October 11, 2009 (as a part of Abracadubre 2009) Los Hechiceros de Waverly Place: La Película
Spainmarker Disney Channel Spain October 17, 2009 (as a part of Magoctubre 2009) Los Magos de Waverly Place: Vacaciones en el Caribe
Portugalmarker Disney Channel Portugal October 17, 2009 (as a part of Feitiçoutubro 2009) Os Feiticeiros de Waverly Place: Férias nas Caraíbas
Brazilmarker Disney Channel Brazil October 25, 2009 (as a part of Abracadubro 2009) Os Feiticeiros de Waverly Place: O Filme
Francemarker Disney Channel France October 27, 2009 Les Sorciers de Waverly Place: Le Film
Germanymarker Disney Channel Germany October 30, 2009 Die Zauberer vom Waverly Place – Der Film
Pro 7 November 29, 2009
Switzerlandmarker SF ZWEI
Aired in Dual Audio Channel - English & German
Austriamarker ORF 1
Italymarker Disney Channel Italy October 30, 2009 (as a part of Magottobre 2009) I maghi di Waverly – The Movie
Polandmarker Disney Channel Poland October 31, 2009 (as a part of Magic October 2009) Czarodzieje z Waverly Place – Film
Taiwanmarker Disney Channel Taiwan December 25, 2009 少年魔法師:電影版
Denmarkmarker Disney Channel Scandinavia October 30, 2009 Magi på Waverly Place: Filmen
Swedenmarker Magi på Waverly Place - The Movie
Czech Republicmarker Disney Channel October 31, 2009 (Wiz-tober 2009) Kouzelníci z Waverly - Film
Hungarymarker Varázslók a Waverly helyről - A Film
Romaniamarker Disney Channel Romania October 31, 2009 Magicienii din Waverly Place: Filmul
Israelmarker Disney Channel Israel November 19, 2009 המכשפים מווברלי פלייס: הסרט


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