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Wrigley Square is a public square located in the northwest section of Millennium Parkmarker in the Historic Michigan Boulevard Districtmarker of the Loopmarker area of Chicagomarker in Cook Countymarker, Illinoismarker, USAmarker. The square is located at the southeast corner of the intersection of East Randolph Street and North Michigan Avenuemarker. It contains the Millennium Monument, a nearly full-sized replica of the semicircle of paired Greek Doric-style columns (called a peristyle) that originally sat in this area of Grant Parkmarker, near Michigan Avenue and Randolph Street, between 1917 and 1953. The square also contains a large lawn and a public fountain.


File:Millennium Park Map labels.png|
Image map of Millennium Park.
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The square is a tree-lined section of Millennium Park with a large lawn. The area broadcasts free wifi wireless technology. The square has earned a reputation as an outdoor culture spot by hosting a wide range of cultural events such as local and international art and photography exhibitions, as well as occasional live musical performances. This reputation is reminiscent of the earlier neo-classical meeting place. When Mayor of Chicago Richard M. Daley dedicated the square, it was dedicated to the donors, known as the Founders Group, who funded Millennium Park.

1926 view of original
An architectural model of Wrigley Square and Millennium Monument, designed by O'Donnell, Wicklund, Pigozzi and Peterson Architects, Inc. (OWP&P) in 2000, is on display at the Harold Washington Library Centermarker.

Original peristyle

In 1917, the original peristyle was designed by renowned Chicago planner Edward H. Bennett, who was Daniel Burnham's partner in the Plan of Chicago and who was known for designing the nearby Buckingham Fountainmarker. It was located in Grant Parkmarker in the same location as the current Wrigley Square. The original peristyle rose to and had a diameter of . The original was made of concrete, which did not stand up to the Lake Michiganmarker lakefront weather. In 1953 it was razed to make way for the Grant Park North Garage. The original peristyle was on a promenade with balustrade.

Millennium Monument

A gift from the William Wrigley, Jr. Company, the limestone replica peristyle rises to a height of nearly (one source says the columns were planned to rise to ), restoring a classical elegance to Grant Park. The William Wrigley, Jr. Foundation contributed $5 million to the monument, and the entire square, which cost $5 million to build, was named in its honor. The Millennium Monument is a tribute to the individual, corporate and foundation benefactors of Millennium Park. The pedestal of the peristyle is inscribed with the names of the 115 financial donors (including Oprah Winfrey) who made the 91 contributions of at least $1 million each to help pay for Millennium Park. The New York Times describes the pedestal as French marble, but other sources mention the use of French limestone. These 115 donors are referred to as the founders of Millennium Park in official park brochures published by the City of Chicago and distributed at the visitor's centers as well as in other press accounts. Their contributions not only paid for the construction of the park, but also provide for its ongoing conservation.

The David Dillon and Michael Patrick Sullivan (of OWP&P) design is based on original drawings by Bennett found in the Chicago Park District's archive.

Wrigley Company officials, including William Wrigley, Jr. II, wanted to contribute to Millennium Park, and the historic aspect of the peristyle was attractive to them partly because the original peristyle was constructed around the same time as the Wrigley Buildingmarker, the corporate headquarters located a few blocks to the north, and because the classical architectural styles of both are similar.

The 24 paired, fluted columns are the same height as the original peristyle. However, the structure was scaled down to an diameter in order to accommodate the accessible ramp that runs behind the monument. Each of the limestone columns is cut from an Indiana quarry

and made of five sections reinforced by steel rods and plates. The fountain in front of the monument is a bronze-cast replica of the finials that adorn the Wrigley Building. The brass spout was made from a mold of a terra cotta finail on the Wrigley Building.

The front of the monument has a dedication plaque (pictured left). In addition, on the reverse side in approximately the same location, the monument has a special plaque commemorating John H. Bryan's contribution as the head of fundraising for the Park.


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