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The Wyoming House of Representatives is the lower house of the Wyoming State Legislature. There are 60 Representatives in the House, representing an equal amount of single-member constituent districts across the statemarker, each with a population of at least 9,000. The House convenes at the Wyoming State Capitolmarker in Cheyennemarker.

Members of the House serve two year terms without term limits. Term limits were declared unconstitutional by the Wyoming Supreme Court in 2004, overturning a decade-old law that had restricted Representatives to six terms (twelve years).

The current Speaker of the House is Colin M. Simpson of District 24 (Cody).

Composition of the House of Representatives

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Republican Democratic Vacant
End of previous legislature 43 17 60 0
Begin 41 19 60 0
Latest voting share 68.3% 31.7%


Position Name Party District
Speaker of the House Colin M. Simpson Republican 24
Majority Leader Edward Buchanan Republican 4
Speaker pro tempore Frank Philp Republican 34
Majority Whip Lorraine Quarberg Republican 28
Minority Leader Saundra Meyer Democratic 49
Minority Whip W. Patrick Goggles Democratic 33

Members of the Wyoming House of Representatives

District Representative Party Residence Counties Represented
1 Mark Semlek Republican Moorcroftmarker Crookmarker, Westonmarker
2 Ross Diercks Democratic Luskmarker Conversemarker, Goshenmarker, Niobraramarker, Weston
3 Frank Peasley Republican Douglasmarker Converse, Plattemarker
4 Edward Buchanan Republican Torringtonmarker Goshen
5 Matt Teeters Republican Linglemarker Goshen, Platte
6 Richard Cannady Republican Glenrockmarker Converse
7 Brian Pederson Republican Cheyennemarker Laramiemarker
8 Lori Millin Democratic Cheyenne Laramie
9 Dave Zwonitzer Republican Cheyenne Laramie
10 Rodney Anderson Republican Pine Bluffsmarker Laramie
11 Mary Throne Democratic Cheyenne Laramie
12 Amy Edmonds Republican Cheyenne Laramie
13 Cathy Connolly Democratic Laramiemarker Albanymarker
14 Kermit Brown Republican Laramie Albany
15 George Bagby Democratic Rawlinsmarker Carbonmarker
16 Pete Jorgensen Democratic Jacksonmarker Tetonmarker
17 Bernadine Craft Democratic Rock Springsmarker Sweetwatermarker
18 Allen Jaggi Republican Lymanmarker Sweetwater, Uintamarker
19 Owen Peterson Republican Mountain Viewmarker Uinta
20 Kathy Davison Republican Kemmerermarker Lincolnmarker, Sublette, Sweetwater
21 Robert McKim Republican Aftonmarker Lincoln
22 James Roscoe Democratic Wilsonmarker Lincoln, Sublette, Teton
23 Keith Gingery Republican Jackson Fremontmarker, Teton
24 Colin M. Simpson Republican Codymarker Parkmarker
25 Dave Bonner Republican Powellmarker Park
26 Elaine Harvey Republican Lovellmarker Big Hornmarker, Park
27 Debbie Hammons Democratic Worlandmarker Washakiemarker
28 Lorraine Quarberg Republican Thermopolismarker Big Horn, Hot Springsmarker, Park
29 John Patton Republican Sheridanmarker Sheridanmarker
30 Jack Landon, Jr. Republican Sheridan Sheridan
31 Thomas Lubnau II Republican Gillettemarker Campbellmarker
32 Timothy Hallinan, M.D. Republican Gillette Campbell
33 W. Patrick Goggles Democratic Ethetemarker Fremont
34 Frank Philp Republican Shoshonimarker Fremont
35 Roy Cohee Republican Caspermarker Natronamarker
36 Mary Hales Democratic Casper Natrona
37 Steve Harshman Republican Casper Natrona
38 Bob Brechtel Republican Casper Natrona
39 Stan Blake Democratic Green Rivermarker Sweetwater
40 Mike Madden Republican Buffalomarker Johnsonmarker, Sheridan
41 Ken Esquibel Democratic Cheyenne Laramie
42 Pete Illoway Republican Cheyenne Laramie
43 Dan Zwonitzer Republican Cheyenne Laramie
44 James W. Byrd Democratic Cheyenne Laramie
45 Seth Carson Democratic Laramie Albany
46 Glen Moniz Republican Laramie Albany
47 William "Jeb" Steward Republican Encampmentmarker Albany, Carbon
48 Joseph Barbuto Democratic Rock Springsmarker Fremont, Sweetwater
49 Saundra Meyer Democratic Evanstonmarker Uinta
50 Pat Childers Republican Codymarker Park
51 Rosie Berger Republican Big Hornmarker Sheridan
52 Sue Wallis Republican Reclusemarker Campbell
53 Erin Mercer Republican Gillette Campbell
54 Del McOmie Republican Landermarker Fremont
55 David Miller Republican Rivertonmarker Fremont
56 Tim Stubson Republican Casper Natrona
57 Thomas Lockhart Republican Casper Natrona
58 Lisa Shepperson Republican Casper Natrona
59 Mike Gilmore Democratic Casper Natrona
60 Bill Thompson Democratic Green River Sweetwater

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