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Yüreğir is a district of Adana Provincemarker of Turkeymarker, one of the metropolitan districts of the city of Adanamarker. Yüreğir lies across the Seyhan River from the centre of Adana, to the south of the Çukurova University campus, in the foothills of the Taurus mountainsmarker. To the east is the plain of Misis,

Yüreğir is mainly inhabited by recent migrants to the city from the countryside around Adana. Of the 450,000 people 320K live in the city and 130K live in 79 outlying villages.

The area contains a number of sites of historical interest; bridges, burial mounds, mosaics, waterworks, mosques, baths, and a stone caravanserai (see Adanamarker for the rich history of this city).

The name comes from the first Turks to settle in the Çukurova. The Yüreğir were a branch of the Oğuz Turks, from whom most Turkish people today are descended. They came to the area in flight from Mongol invasions of their homelands in central Asia. Adana was subsequently settled and resettled by many other peoples including other Turkish dynasties but they were first and the name was given to the area in their memory much later (in the early 20th century).

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