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  • Yan Emperor, closely related to the Yellow Emperor
  • Cantonese transcription of surname 甄, created for naming taboo; Emperor Ming of Han (given name Zhuang), renamed Zhuang to Zhen Mandarin transcription
  • Jacob Mikhailovich Gordin (1853–1909), writer pseudonym Yan, Ukrainian-American Yiddish-language playwright
  • Martin Yan (born 1948), Chinese-Canadian/American television chef; star of Yan Can Cook, carried by PBS and Food Network
  • Yan , stage name of Jan Scott Wilkinson, English songwriter/lead singer of indie rock band, British Sea Power, founded in 2000
  • Tang Yan (born 1983), Chinese actress well-known in her homeland as a rising star
  • Yan, transliteration of the name "Ян" (Ian) from the Russian language
  • Yan or, more specifically, Yahn, pronunciation of variant of the given name John, especially in Dutch, Northern Germanic and Western Slavic languages (in Slovak, spelled Ján)
  • Yan , a character in The Cuckoo Tree, by Joan Aiken


  • Yan , state in China during the Western Zhou, Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period
  • Yan , the rebel state which played a key role in the An Shi Rebellion during the Tang Dynasty
  • Yan , short-lived state around present-day Beijing at beginning of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period
  • Yan, Kedahmarker, district in Malaysia
  • Yan, historic village of the Haida people of Queen Charlotte Islands in the Canadian province of British Columbia

Other references

  • Yan Lifts, commonly known name for Lift Engineering, aerial chairlift manufacturing company which ceased operation in 1996
  • "Yan" may also indicate the noise made by the character "Kitten"[204173] in the webcomic Bear and Kitten[204174]

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