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Ye Olde is a stock prefix, used often anachronistically in the case of theme pubs, to indicate things of medieval extraction, things which are Englishmarker, or, as in popular caricature (especially in the United Statesmarker) the two are synonymous, both indicating, perhaps, a Deep England, half-timbered feel. The construction Ye Olde English Pubbe is the usual example, a standard bar name akin to The Red Lion.

The use of the term "Ye" to represent a pseudo-Early Modern English form of the word "the" is, in fact, incorrect. This mistaken attribution is due to the medieval usage of the letter thorn (þ) the predecessor to the modern digraph "th". Thorn (þ) is a letter which is today only in common use in Icelandic. The word "The" was thus written , i.e. Þe. Medieval Printing presses didn't contain the letter "thorn", so the y was substituted due to its similarity in some medieval scripts (especially later ones).Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, " ye[2]", retrieved February 1, 2009

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