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Yom Tov (al-)Asevilli or Yom Tov ben Avraham (al-)Asevilli (or Yom Tov the son of Abraham (al-)Asevilli), (1250-1330), who is commonly known to scholars of Judaism as the Ritva (an acronym of his Hebrew name), was a medieval rabbi and Halakhist famous for his commentary on the Talmud. The name "Asevilli" (sometimes pronounced "Ishbili") is a Hebrew rendering of the Arabic Isbili, meaning "from Seville".

Yom Tov Asevilli was born in Sevillemarker, Spain in 1250 where he lived until his death in 1330. He was the student of the Ra'ah and the Rashba and the teacher of Rabbi Yitzchak ben Manor.

His commentary on the Talmud is extremely concise and as such is one of the most frequently referred to Talmudic works until today. Many sections of the commentary have been subject to debate regarding their actual authorship, but the majority of the work has remained free from controversy.

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