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York Regional Road 13 is a predominantly rural road located in the town of East Gwillimburymarker. It primarily runs east-west, though there is a small portion that runs north-south. The longest east-west segment is known locally as Mount Albert Road. The north-south portion is known as Yonge Street, and a small east-west portion is known as Bradford Street. The road connects the communities of Holland Landing, Sharon and Mount Albert. The road extends towards, but does not connect to, Bradford.

The road originates at Holland Landing Road in Holland Landing and runs east for 0.6 km. At the intersection with Yonge Street, the road turns south for 0.7 km until it reaches Queen Street. The road runs east for the remaining 17.1 km through Sharon and Mount Albert. The road physically extends out of York Region but is officially renamed Ashworth Road in Durham Regionmarker. The road is two lanes wide, even in the suburban communities it passes through.


Mount Albert Road features several landmarks important to the town of East Gwillimburymarker. Both strip malls in Holland Landing are located on the road (at Bradford Street and Grist Mill Road). One of the abandoned locks on the Holland Rivermarker is located just south of Mount Albert Road (at Queen Street). Good Sheppard Catholic School is located west of 2nd Concession Road, and a large drive-in movie theatre is located slightly east.

The street briefly turns south at Leslie Road in Sharon but resumes its course east. Highlights in Sharon include the East Gwillimbury municipal offices, the Sharon Templemarker, and the East Gwillimbury sports complex.

The road is very rural from Woodbine to Highway 48. The posted speed limit is 80 km/h. Part of the road is located within the Oak Ridges Moraine. The street is surrounded by farms, forests, marshland, and some residential homes. The small farming community of Holt is located at McCowan Road.

Mount Albert Road passes through the community of Mount Albert, between Highway 48 and the York/Durham Line. The road is on a steep hill. It is one of the town’s arterial roads and is the primary means of entering and exiting the city. Millennium Garden and Mount Albert Public School are located on the road. Mount Albert Road physically extends into Durham Regionmarker, but loses its status as a York Regional Road and is renamed Ashworth Road.


Three York Region Transit routes provide transportation along Mount Albert Road. Route 58 services a small portion of the road in Sharon. Route 58A runs from Sharon to Mount Albert. (Both 58 and 58A connect to Newmarket). Route 52 covers a small portion in Holland Landing.

York Regionmarker officially designates most of Mount Albert Road as a Class 3 road, meaning that average daily traffic is less than 10,000 and the speed limit is under 80 km/h. This designation does not apply to the rural segment from Woodbine to Highway 48.

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