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York Regional Road 71 is a suburban east-west thoroughfare, formerly a concession road that runs through southern York Region, Ontariomarker, Canadamarker. Its western segment was originally a segment of Highway 7, until being bypassed by a new alignment whiched opened in 1987 as a six lane at-grade expressway.

Road Information

Naming of the Road

Portions of the road is named 14th Avenue, as this road is previously listed as Concession Road 14, the 14th main road counting from Lake Ontariomarker. The concession system was set before 1954 when York County existed. The name retains to current use.

Public Transit

On 14th Avenue section of the road, the road is predominantly served by YRT Route # 2A (named "Milliken") and 14th Vivastation on the Viva Green line; on Centre Street, there are more varieties, including the Brampton Transit # 77 and Viva Purple from Bathurst Street to Highway 7.


The road is broken up into two sections due to suburban development around Highway 404. As a result, John Streetmarker and Esna Park Drive are responsible for connecting the two sections up, though they are not designated as York Regional Roads.

Recent Construction

Constructions have been going on between McDowell Gate and York Regional Road 65 recently. The purpose of the construction is to widen the road into a 6-lanes avenue to accommodate future, expected traffic provided by Downtown Markham. Another purpose is to smoothen the landscape of the road.

Communities along YRR71

Major Roads that cross YRR71

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  • York Region Transit / VIVA Map Winter'07

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