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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Nightmare Troubadour, known in Japanmarker as Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters: Nightmare Troubadour (遊戯王デュエルモンスターズ NIGHTMARE TROUBADOUR (ナイトメア トラバドール), is a Nintendo DS game developed by Konami. The game is based on the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.

Details of game

Konami have released the following points about this game:
  1. The Egyptian God Cards are included and are playable.
  2. The game features "game time", which allows players to duel different people at different times.
  3. The game features a navigational map, of fair size, where players search for duelists with the stylus.
  4. Players can purchase expansion packs of cards to improve their decks with "KCP" (Kaiba Corp Points) earned from dueling other duelists.
  5. The promotional cards released with this game are Silent Magician LV4, Silent Magician LV8, and Magician's Circle. These are confirmed as the Japanese, North American, European and Australian promotions, other territories have yet to be confirmed.
  6. The touch screen is used intensively for both deck creation and dueling, however the entire game can be played with the DS controls.


Gameplay can be controlled with either control pad or stylus alone, but can be used together. This provides the user with different methods of playing the game, just like using a keyboard and mouse to control a computer.


Top Screen

The top screen features a 3-D board game view of the duel. When a monster attacks, one can watch it use its individual attack to destroy the target monster. Also, certain important monsters (Blue Eyes, Dark Magician, etc) have special full 3-D animations that play when they are summoned.

Touch Screen

The touch screen has an overhead view. One can use the touch screen to draw and play cards by touching them with the stylus.




Seto Kaiba is hosting a tournament again. Once again, there is an evil plot lurking behind an otherwise grand contest. As the player, you have to battle for the title of grand champion, capture all the god cards, and defeat evil with the help of Yugi Muto (Yugi Mutou in the English manga and Japanese versions), Joey Wheeler (Katsuya Jyonouchi), and friends.

Overall gameplay can be pretty repetitive with infrequent twists. Also, there have been many "Engrish" quotes in the game. The plot basically follows the Battle City storyline with the Virtual World story arc happening before the final tournament and Yami Marik (Dark Marik) and his minions appearing after the final tournament.

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