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Zubair ibn al-Awam, (594-656) was a companion of Prophet Muhammad and later one of the successful commanders of Rashidun army, served under Rashidun caliphs, Abu Bakr and Umar.Zubair, who was a cousin of Prophet Mohammad, was an early convert to Islam.He served under Prophet Mohammad in various military expeditions and was a commander of one of the four armies that entered Meccamarker at the of Conquest of Mecca.He commanded a regiment in the decisive Battle of Yarmouk fought in 636. Later in 640, he commanded reinforcement sent to Amr ibn al-As in Egyptmarker to capture it. Zubair, more or less acted as a field commander during the Muslim conquest of Egypt, and was the most successful commander during Muslim conquest of Egypt. On his death bed, Caliph Umar selected Zubair and five other individuals, from whom one Caliph would be chosen to succeed him.

He kept himself away from state politics and military affairs after the death of Caliph Umar. Caliph Uthman was assassinated in 656, and when Ayesha, wife of Prophet Mohammad, raised the cry for the vengeance of blood of Uthman, Zubair along with another influential personality, Talha ibn Ubaidullah joined Ayesha and marched to Basramarker, where 4000 suspected persons, who joined the rebels to besieged Caliph Uthman's house, were killed. Caliph Ali, marched to Basra, army of Caliph and that of Ayesha agreed upon a pact to aid Caliphate in dealing with the rebels who killed Uthman. At night however, the battle started between the two armies by the rebels who were in Ali's army and though that they will die this way or other if Ayesha joined hands with Ali. The battle thus fought is known as Battle of Camel. Zubair, unwilling to fight against Ali, left the battlefield. It is said that during the battle Ali called Zubair and recalled him the saying of Prophet Mohammad that: Recalling this saying of Prophet Mohammad, Zubair left the battlefield and was killed during prayers by one of the soldier of Ali's army who was chasing him. On hearing the news of Zubair's assassination, Ali is reported to have said to the killer of Zubair: .

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